We switch homeowners to better mortgage rates through their current lender.


RateSwitch is a unique, fee-free mortgage service.


It’s estimated that over a third of consumers pay interest at their lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR for short), which is the uncompetitive default rate to which most introductory fixed and tracker deals automatically revert.

But it doesn’t have to be this way because many lenders have a range of excellent loyalty rates reserved exclusively for their existing customers.

We find these rates, so you don’t have to.

The problem

As consumers, we live in an era of online price comparison. So why are so many on SVR?

Not everyone can successfully remortgage – i.e. the process of moving your mortgage from one lender to another to achieve a better rate – because eligibility is generally determined by credit scoring and a full assessment of income and outgoings.

Any notable change in credit status, earnings or employment type (full-time to part-time, or employed to self-employed, for example) since originally taking out your mortgage can easily trigger a ‘decline’ decision.

The solution

Rate switching through your current mortgage lender can be a prompt and hassle-free process because most allow their existing customers to switch to improved loyalty rates without the intervention of a credit check or underwriting assessment.

To this effect, we provide a straightforward solution for borrowers who have experienced a change in their circumstances, or those who are happy to stay with their current mortgage lender, but simply want to save time and money by switching to a better rate internally.

How much could you save?

We don’t insist that users register upfront via email address or social media – just take a look at the rates currently available and leave us your details if you want us to get in touch to start saving you money.

We’re able to provide you with expert advice about all of your options and we operate on an entirely fee-free basis, so you’ll never pay a fee for any advice or service you receive from us.

Rateswitch Ltd is an appointed representative of Stonebridge Mortgage Solutions Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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