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Do you know you’ll be paying equity loan fees of hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds a year when your five-year ‘interest free’ period comes to an end?


And do you know you could also end up paying thousands of pounds a year extra when your introductory mortgage rate comes to an end?


Are you unsure about how to switch your mortgage to a better rate to save money, or even repay your equity loan to avoid future fees?

We can give you a helping hand to find the best mortgage rate available for you and your family.

RateSwitch is the no hassle, no fee, no problem solution to help you switch and save today.


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RateSwitch has unearthed one of the best kept secrets in the mortgage market. Even if your circumstances have changed over the years, most banks and building societies don’t financially ‘reassess’ existing customers who simply want to switch to a better rate.

In other words, if you are on stuck on a higher rate than you need to be, RateSwitch can put this right. We can switch you to the best rate your existing lender can provide with a simple no-nonsense, no-hassle, quick process – which means you start saving immediately.

RateSwitch does all the work without you needing to provide reams of bank statements, undergo credit checks or give your lender any further information.

Freeing the Mortgage Prisoners

We recently carried out extensive research for well-respected financial publication This is Money, and this revealed that homeowners already mortgaged under the the Help to Buy: Equity Loan scheme have a limited choice of banks and building societies they can approach (to access better rates) when their initial fixed or tracker deal has come to an end.

Of the 23 ‘qualifying lenders’ who participate in the scheme to help buyers purchase their new-build homes, 13 of them currently don’t accept like-for-like remortgages from other lenders.

This doesn’t seem fair at all, so we’ve set out to put it right. RateSwitch can help you switch and save.

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