Are you a Help to Buy homeowner? We’ll help you help yourself

Beat Government equity loan fees and rising interest rates by switching and saving with RateSwitch.

Do you know you could end up paying the Government thousands of pounds in equity loan fees when your Help to Buy ‘interest-free’ period comes to an end?


And do you know your options to remortgage away to a different bank or building society are somewhat limited?


Are you unsure about how to switch your Help to Buy mortgage to a better rate to save money, or the process of paying off your equity loan to avoid incurring future fees?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we’ve got your back.

Because switching your mortgage to take advantage of the best interest rates available doesn’t have to be a difficult and stressful process, even if you’re currently mortgaged under the Help to Buy scheme.

RateSwitch is the no hassle, no fee, no problem solution to help you switch and save today.


Find your current lender

Then enter some basic information about your mortgage


View your available rates

See how much money you can save within seconds


Switch quickly, free of charge

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See how much you could save with RateSwitch

On average, we’ve saved our customers £0 a year

Are you missing out on thousands of pounds a year? We'll help you help yourself to significant savings

With countless years of industry experience under our belt, RateSwitch has unleashed one of the market’s best-kept secrets…

Even if your circumstances have changed over time, most banks and building societies don’t financially ‘reassess’ existing customers who simply want to switch to a better rate.

So if you feel stuck in a position where you’re unfairly paying over the odds, we’ll happily strive to put this right by switching you to a better deal through your existing lender with our proven, simple, no-hassle and quick rate switching process.

There are no unnecessary credit checks, and there’s no need to provide reams of bank statements and payslips.

The RateSwitch Revolution

We recently carried out extensive research for well-respected financial publication This is Money, after uncovering that homeowners already mortgaged under the Help to Buy scheme have a limited choice of banks and building societies they can approach (to access better rates) when their initial fixed or tracker deal comes to an end.

This doesn’t seem fair at all, so our mission is to put it right.

RateSwitch is a fee-free service and we’ll take care of everything for you – you won’t even have to talk with your existing lender about your current situation.

If you want to reduce your mortgage payments, contact us today and change your life for the better.

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