Our Great British Entrepreneur Challenge winners revealed

Written by Andy Yates for This is Money:

Ever since This is Money and successful entrepreneur and angel investor Andy Yates announced the Great British Entrepreneur Challenge, we have been on a mission to find business stars from all walks of life and corners of the country.

They were competing for the chance of an investment and mentoring from Andy, with This is Money following their stories. At the end of last year, we revealed the finalists. Now the results are in and we are proud to announce the winners.

At the very real risk of expounding a judging cliche – it is true to say it was incredibly tough to pick the winners, as the whole shortlist (and many of the other entrepreneurs who applied) really deserve help and support.

We can only wish all of them every success for the future and to congratulate them on already going further than so many others – by taking a risk and doing something about their passion – not just talking about it.

But today we announce the winners. They have all got there on merit, passion and hard work. It has already been an exciting journey – now it gets really interesting.

The hard work begins now to turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality. There is no guarantee of success, but we can guarantee the journey will continue to be exciting.

And This is Money readers will get to see every step of the way during 2018.

Winner of £50,000 investment from Andy Yates – plus ongoing mentoring and support

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Andy Yates’ investment will be put to good use on RateSwitch’s technology and team – to help RateSwitch customers save money more quickly and easily than ever before.

Andy Yates’ verdict: 

‘Having met and spoken to Lee Flavin, the Welsh entrepreneur behind RateSwitch, he has a real passion to help home owners. The words that come to my mind about Lee and the team are honest, open, hard-working, approachable, passionate and dedicated.’

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RateSwitch’s Lee Flavin: 

‘Thank you This is Money and Andy Yates. This is a great competition and we’re delighted to have won.’

‘I originally entered for the chance to meet Andy because of what he had achieved with his own tech company and how he’s helped so many other start-ups.’

‘The money will now help us fund our technology and scale the business to reach as many homeowners as possible.’

‘I really enjoyed the pitching process and it was great to talk to people who really understood my business and what I want to achieve.’

Simon Lambert of This is Money: 

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‘Lee has in-depth industry knowledge and displayed a real interest in his customers and building a long-term relationship with them’.

– 31st January 2018 –


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